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name location
Urhney/Dialogue Lumbridge Swamp
Priest/Dialogue Lumbridge
Banker/Dialogue Various banks
Sheep/Dialogue * North-west of Lumbridge
Ghost (The restless ghost)/Dialogue Lumbridge graveyard
Romeo/Dialogue Varrock Square
Thessalia/Dialogue Varrock
Bob/Dialogue Lumbridge
Tanner/Dialogue Al Kharid,Crafting Guild
Miles/Dialogue Draynor Village
Giles/Dialogue Draynor Village
Niles/Dialogue Draynor Village
Morgan/Dialogue Draynor Village
Ned/Dialogue Draynor Village
Aggie/Dialogue Draynor Village
Leela/Dialogue Draynor Village
Veronica/Dialogue Draynor Manor
Thrander/Dialogue Varrock
Sanfew/Dialogue Southern Taverley
Kaqemeex/Dialogue Stone circle North of Taverley
Gertrude/Dialogue Varrock
King Lathas/Dialogue East Ardougne
Squire/Dialogue Falador, at the castle
Make over mage/Dialogue Northwest of Crafting Guild, southwest of Falador (On a tiny strip of land near the fence)
Wayne/Dialogue Falador
Gnome banker/Dialogue Tree Gnome Stronghold
Femi/Dialogue Gnome Stronghold
Harry/Dialogue Catherby
Dommik/Dialogue Al Kharid
Kebab Seller/Dialogue Al Kharid
Horvik the Armourer/Dialogue Varrock
Aubury/Dialogue Varrock
Gaius/Dialogue Taverley
Luthas/Dialogue Musa Point
Duke of Lumbridge/Dialogue 1st floor of Lumbridge Castle
Lady Keli/Dialogue The prison east of Draynor Village
Betty/Dialogue Port Sarim
Nurmof/Dialogue Dwarven Mines
Cook/Dialogue Ground floor of the Lumbridge Castle
Peksa/Dialogue Barbarian Village
Sidney Smith/Dialogue Yanille
Apothecary/Dialogue Varrock
Glough/Dialogue Tree Gnome Stronghold
Hetty/Dialogue Rimmington
Thordur/Dialogue Dwarven Mine
Sir Prysin/Dialogue Varrock Palace
Gnome Trainer/Dialogue Tree Gnome Stronghold
Jatix/Dialogue Taverley
Zaff/Dialogue Varrock
Abbot Langley/Dialogue Monastery
Elkoy/Dialogue Tree Gnome Village maze
Bolren/Dialogue Tree Gnome Village (location)
King Narnode Shareen/Dialogue The Grand Tree, ground floor[UK]1st floor[US]
Tracker 1/Dialogue Battle Field
Juliet/Dialogue Varrock
Dr Harlow/Dialogue Jolly Boar Inn, northeast of Varrock
Sir Amik Varze/Dialogue White Knights Castle
Owen/Dialogue Catherby
Chuck/Dialogue East Ardougne
Baraek/Dialogue Varrock
Sir Vyvin/Dialogue Falador
Reldo/Dialogue Varrock
King/Dialogue Varrock
Golrie/Dialogue Tree Gnome Village dungeon
Hassan/Dialogue Al Kharid
Osman/Dialogue Al Kharid
Prince Ali/Dialogue Lady Keli's prison west of Draynor Village
Ranael/Dialogue Al Kharid
Tailor/Dialogue Varrock
Councillor Halgrive/Dialogue East Ardougne
Candlemaker/Dialogue Catherby
Redbeard Frank/Dialogue Port Sarim
Wizard (Family Crest)/Dialogue Jolly Boar Inn
Poison Salesman/Dialogue Seers' Village
Dimintheis/Dialogue Varrock
Caroline/Dialogue East Ardougne
Katrine/Dialogue Varrock
Customs Officer/Dialogue Musa Point
Oziach/Dialogue Edgeville
DeVinci/Dialogue Rimmington and Varrock
Chancy/Dialogue Rimmington and Varrock
Hops/Dialogue Rimmington and Varrock
Tramp/Dialogue Varrock
Chef/Dialogue Catherby
Watchtower wizard/Dialogue Watchtower
Fred the farmer/Dialogue Lumbridge
Shilop/Dialogue Varrock
Man (Avan)/Dialogue Al Kharid mine
Trufitus/Dialogue Tai Bwo Wannai
Ceril/Dialogue East Ardougne
Guidor/Dialogue Varrock
Mosol/Dialogue Shilo Village (location)
Edmond/Dialogue East Ardougne
Elena/Dialogue West Ardougne & East Ardougne
Murphy/Dialogue Port Khazard
Cassie/Dialogue Falador
Baker/Dialogue East Ardougne
Silk merchant/Dialogue East Ardougne
Silver merchant/Dialogue East Ardougne
Gem merchant/Dialogue East Ardougne
Hickton/Dialogue Catherby
Grum/Dialogue Port Sarim
Brother Jered/Dialogue Monastery
Arhein/Dialogue Catherby
Shantay/Dialogue Shantay Pass
Camel/Dialogue Al Kharid
Boy/Dialogue Taverley
Gnome pilot/Dialogue All over the worldmap
Heckel funch/Dialogue Grand Tree - 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] south-east corner
Blurberry/Dialogue Grand Tree
Hudo glenfad/Dialogue Grand Tree
Aluft Gianne/Dialogue Grand Tree
Rometti/Dialogue Grand Tree - 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US], south-west corner
Sigbert the Adventurer/Dialogue Yanille agility dungeon
Herquin/Dialogue South of the west Falador Bank
Gnome waiter/Dialogue Grand Tree
Blurberry barman/Dialogue Grand Tree
Gulluck/Dialogue Grand Tree
Flynn/Dialogue Falador
Lowe/Dialogue Varrock
Brian/Dialogue Port Sarim
Gerrant/Dialogue Port Sarim
Louie Legs/Dialogue Al Kharid
Wydin/Dialogue Port Sarim
Zeke/Dialogue Al Kharid
Zenesha/Dialogue East Ardougne
Frenita/Dialogue Yanille
Docky/Dialogue Port Khazard
Rommik/Dialogue Rimmington
Jinno/Dialogue Zanaris
Watto/Dialogue Zanaris
Fernahei/Dialogue Shilo Village
Yohnus/Dialogue Shilo Village
Doorman/Dialogue Zanaris
Customs Official/Dialogue Brimhaven
Seaman Lorris/Dialogue Port Sarim
Zambo/Dialogue Karamja
Referee/Dialogue Tree Gnome Stronghold
Shopkeeper (Varrock Swords)/Dialogue Varrock
Captain Tobias/Dialogue Port Sarim
Curator/Dialogue Varrock Museum
Straven/Dialogue Varrock
Kanel/Dialogue Varrock
Philop/Dialogue Varrock
Seaman Thresnor/Dialogue Port Sarim
Monk of entrana/Dialogue Port Sarim, Entrana
Klarense/Dialogue Port Sarim
Silk trader/Dialogue Al Kharid
Assistant/Dialogue Shantay Pass
Seth/Dialogue Brimhaven
Orven/Dialogue Fishing Guild
Cheerleader/Dialogue Tree Gnome Stronghold
Valaine/Dialogue Champions' Guild
Wilough/Dialogue Varrock
Kortan/Dialogue East Ardougne
Barmaid/Dialogue Rising Sun Inn
Drogo/Dialogue Dwarven Mines
Tracker 2/Dialogue Battle Field
Tracker 3/Dialogue Battle Field
Gem trader/Dialogue Al Kharid
Fairy queen/Dialogue Zanaris
Fairy Lunderwin/Dialogue Zanaris
Fairy banker/Dialogue Zanaris
Fairy Ladder attendant/Dialogue Zanaris marketplace
Irksol/Dialogue Zanaris marketplace
Jakut/Dialogue Zanaris marketplace
Fairy Shop Assistant/Dialogue Zanaris
Fairy Shopkeeper/Dialogue Zanaris
Wilderness guide/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Cooking instructor/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Fishing instructor/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Financial advisor/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Combat instructor/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Guide (Tutorial Island)/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Jerico/Dialogue East Ardougne
Leprechaun/Dialogue Lumbridge Swamp
Fur trader/Dialogue East Ardougne
Spice merchant/Dialogue East Ardougne
Scavvo/Dialogue Champions' Guild
Trobert/Dialogue Black Arm Gang base in Brimhaven
Mining instructor/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Padik/Dialogue Fishing Guild
Omart/Dialogue East Ardougne
Fatigue expert/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Magic Instructor/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Quest advisor/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Bank assistant/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Joe/Dialogue Draynor Village
Nora T Hag/Dialogue Taverley
Community instructor/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Controls guide/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Border Guard/Dialogue Lumbridge
Seer/Dialogue Seers' Village
Jethick/Dialogue West Ardougne
Milli Rehnison/Dialogue West Ardougne
Ted Rehnison/Dialogue West Ardougne
Billy Rehnison/Dialogue West Ardougne
Martha Rehnison/Dialogue West Ardougne
Alrena/Dialogue East Ardougne
Clerk/Dialogue West Ardougne
Bravek/Dialogue West Ardougne
Recruiter/Dialogue West Ardougne
Nurse sarah/Dialogue West Ardougne
Kilron/Dialogue West Ardougne
Chadwell/Dialogue West Ardougne
Dwarf (Mining Guild)/Dialogue Falador
Boatman/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Barbarian guard/Dialogue Barbarian Outpost
Helemos/Dialogue Hero's Guild
Kangai Mau/Dialogue Brimhaven
Horacio/Dialogue East Ardougne
Goalie/Dialogue Tree Gnome Stronghold
Noterazzo/Dialogue Bandit Camp
Butler/Dialogue Carnillean house
East Ardougne
Henryeta/Dialogue Carnillean house
East Ardougne
Philipe/Dialogue Carnillean house
East Ardougne
Claus/Dialogue Carnillean house
East Ardougne
Obli/Dialogue Shilo Village (location)
Jiminua/Dialogue Tai Bwo Wannai
Aemad/Dialogue East Ardougne
Bolkoy/Dialogue Tree Gnome Village
Anita/Dialogue The Grand Tree (location)
Holgart/Dialogue East Ardougne
Fishing Platform
Kaleb/Dialogue Paramaya Inn
Shilo Village
Jungle Banker/Dialogue Shilo Village
Head chef/Dialogue Cooks' Guild
Master Crafter/Dialogue Crafting Guild
Fat Tony/Dialogue Bandit Camp
Lundail/Dialogue Mage Arena
Gundai/Dialogue Mage Arena
Tea seller/Dialogue Varrock
Siegfried Erkle/Dialogue Legends' Guild
Jungle Forester/Dialogue South of Shilo Village
Guidor's wife/Dialogue Southeast Varrock
Master fisher/Dialogue Fishing Guild
RPDT employee/Dialogue East Ardougne
Captain Barnaby/Dialogue East Ardougne
Frincos/Dialogue Entrana
Lady/Dialogue Taverley
Davon/Dialogue Brimhaven
Charlie the cook/Dialogue Brimhaven
Alfonse the waiter/Dialogue Brimhaven
Garv/Dialogue Brimhaven
Grubor/Dialogue Brimhaven
Maiden/Dialogue Fisher King Realm
Crone/Dialogue Entrana
High priest of entrana/Dialogue Entrana
Dark Mage/Dialogue West Ardougne
Chemist/Dialogue Rimmington
Koftik/Dialogue West Ardougne
Underground Pass (location)
1st plague sheep/Dialogue East Ardougne
2nd plague sheep/Dialogue East Ardougne
3rd plague sheep/Dialogue East Ardougne
4th plague sheep/Dialogue East Ardougne
Doctor orbon/Dialogue East Ardougne
Farmer brumty/Dialogue East Ardougne
Head wizard/Dialogue Wizards' Guild
Dwarven shopkeeper/Dialogue Dwarven Mine
Father Lawrence/Dialogue Varrock
Head mourner/Dialogue West Ardougne
Wizard Frumscone/Dialogue Wizards' Guild
Stankers/Dialogue Coal Trucks
Remsai/Dialogue Tree Gnome Village
Carla/Dialogue West Ardougne
Gunnjorn/Dialogue Barbarian Outpost
Cart Driver/Dialogue Shilo Village (location)
Serevel/Dialogue Shilo Village (location)
Yanni/Dialogue Shilo Village (location)
Gerald/Dialogue Baxtorian Falls
Magic store owner/Dialogue Wizards' Guild
Fionella/Dialogue Legends' Guild
Chamber guardian/Dialogue Mage Arena
Brimstail/Dialogue Brimstail's cave
Tower guard/Dialogue Watchtower
Official/Dialogue Tree Gnome Stronghold
City Guard/Dialogue Gu'Tanoth
Ogre merchant/Dialogue Gu'tanoth
Civillian (with apron)/Dialogue West Ardougne
Civillian (with skirt)/Dialogue West Ardougne
Civillian (male NPC)/Dialogue West Ardougne
Man (Murder Mystery)/Dialogue Seers Village
Ogre trader (metals)/Dialogue Gu'tanoth
Guard (Hero's Quest)/Dialogue Brimhaven
Banker (Al Kharid)/Dialogue Al Kharid
Bartender (Blue Moon Inn)/Dialogue Blue Moon Inn
Bartender (Dancing Donkey Inn)/Dialogue Dancing Donkey Inn
Bartender (Dead Man's Chest)/Dialogue Dead Man's Chest
Bartender (Flying Horse Inn)/Dialogue Flying Horse Inn
Bartender (Forester's Arms)/Dialogue Forester's Arms
Bartender (Jolly Boar Inn)/Dialogue Jolly Boar Inn
Shop keeper/Dialogue Combat Training Camp
Bartender (Ye Olde Dragon Inn)/Dialogue Ye Olde Dragon Inn
Bartender (The Rusty Anchor)/Dialogue The Rusty Anchor
Guard (Combat Training Camp)/Dialogue Combat Training Camp
Guard (East Varrock)/Dialogue East Varrock
Shop Assistant (Al Kharid)/Dialogue Al Kharid
Shop Assistant (Edgeville)/Dialogue Edgeville
Shop Assistant (Falador)/Dialogue Falador
Shop Assistant (Karamja)/Dialogue Karamja
Shop Assistant (Lumbridge)/Dialogue Lumbridge
Shop Assistant (Rimmington)/Dialogue Rimmington
Shop Assistant (Varrock Swords)/Dialogue Varrock
Shop Assistant (Varrock)/Dialogue Varrock
Shopkeeper (Al Kharid)/Dialogue Al Kharid
Shopkeeper (Edgeville)/Dialogue Edgeville
Shopkeeper (Falador)/Dialogue Falador
Shopkeeper (Karamja)/Dialogue Karamja
Shopkeeper (Lumbridge)/Dialogue Lumbridge
Shopkeeper (Rimmington)/Dialogue Rimmington
Shopkeeper (Varrock)/Dialogue Varrock
Shopkeeper (Fishing Guild)/Dialogue Fishing Guild
Shopkeeper (Port Khazard)/Dialogue Port Khazard
Bear (Varrock Museum)/Dialogue Varrock Museum
Guard Dog (Sinclair Mansion)/Dialogue Sinclair Mansion
Guard (unused)/Dialogue Sinclair Mansion
Rat (Witch's house)/Dialogue Taverley
Skavid (unused)/Dialogue Skavid caves
Chemist (unused)/Dialogue
Guide (unused)/Dialogue Tutorial Island
Gnome Baller (teammate)/Dialogue Tree Gnome Stronghold
Nulodion (unused)/Dialogue N/A
Lawgof (unused)/Dialogue N/A