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King Lanthas[edit | edit source]

Before Biohazard[edit | edit source]

  • (the king is too busy to talk)

After finding the truth about the plague and speaking to Elena[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I assume that you are the King of east Ardougne?
  • king Lathas: You assume correctly- but where do you get such impertinence?
  • Player: I get it from finding out that the plague is a hoax
  • king Lathas: A hoax, I've never heard such a ridiculous thing...
  • Player: I have evidence- from Guidor in Varrock
  • king Lathas: Ah... I see. Well then you are right about the plague
  • king Lathas: But I did it for the good of my people
  • Player: When is it ever good to lie to people like that?
  • king Lathas: When it protects them from a far greater danger- a fear too big to fathom
    • I don't understand...
      • Player: I don't understand...
      • king Lathas: Their King, tyras, journeyed out to the West, on a voyage of discovery
      • king Lathas: But he was captured by the Dark Lord
      • king Lathas: The Dark Lord agreed to spare his life, but only on one condition...
      • king Lathas: That he would drink from the chalice of eternity
      • Player: So what happened?
      • king Lathas: The chalice corrupted him. He joined forces with the Dark Lord...
      • king Lathas: ...The embodiment of pure evil, banished all those years ago...
      • king Lathas: And so I erected this wall, not just to protect my people
      • king Lathas: But to protect all the people of Runescape
      • king Lathas: Because now, with the King of West Ardougne...
      • king Lathas: ...The dark lord has an ally on the inside
      • king Lathas: So I'm sorry that I lied about the plague
      • king Lathas: I just hope that you can understand my reasons
      • Player: Well at least I know now. But what can we do about it?
      • king Lathas: Nothing at the moment
      • king Lathas: I'm waiting for my scouts to come back
      • king Lathas: They will tell us how we can get through the mountains
      • king Lathas: When this happens, can I count on your support?
      • Player: Absolutely
      • king Lathas: Thank the gods. Let me give you this amulet
      • king Lathas: Think of it as a thank you, for all that you have done
      • king Lathas: ...but know that one day it may turn red
      • king Lathas: ...Be ready for this moment
      • king Lathas: And to help, I give you permission to use my training area
      • king Lathas: It's located just to the north west of ardounge
      • king Lathas: There you can prepare for the challenge ahead
      • Player: OK. There's just one thing I don't understand
      • Player: How do you know so much about King Tyras
      • king Lathas: How could I not do[sic]?
      • king Lathas: He was my brother
      • (king lathas gives you a magic amulet)
      • (You haved[sic] gained 3 quest points!)
      • (You just advanced X thieving level!)
      • (you have completed the biohazard quest)
    • Well I've wasted enough of my time here
      • Player: Well I've wasted enough of my time here
      • king Lathas: No time is ever wasted- thanks for all you've done

Starting Underground pass[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello king lathas
  • king Lathas: adventurer, thank saradomin for your arrival
  • Player: have your scouts found a way though the mountains
  • king Lathas: Not quite, we found a path to where we expected..
  • king Lathas: ..to find the 'well of voyage' an ancient portal to west runescape
  • king Lathas: however over the past era's a cluster of cultists
  • king Lathas: have settled there, run by a madman named iban
  • Player: iban?
  • king Lathas: a crazy loon who claims to be the son of zamorok
  • king Lathas: go meet my main tracker koftik, he will help you
  • king Lathas: he waits for you at the west side of west ardounge
  • king Lathas: we must find a way through these caverns..
  • king Lathas: if we are to stop my brother tyras
  • Player: i'll[sic] do my best lathas
  • king Lathas: a warning traveller[sic] the ungerground[sic] pass..
  • king Lathas: is lethal, we lost many men exploring those caverns
  • king Lathas: go preparred[sic] with food and armour or you won't last long

After crossing the bridge[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello king lanthas
  • king Lathas: traveller, how are you managing down there?
  • Player: it's a pretty nasty place but i'm[sic] ok
  • king Lathas: well keep up the good work

After killing Iban[edit | edit source]

  • king Lathas: the traveller returns..any news?
  • Player: indeed, the quest is complete lathas
  • Player: i[sic] have defeated iban and his undead minions
  • king Lathas: incrediable[sic], you are a truly awesome warrior
  • king Lathas: now we can begin to restore the well of voyage
  • king Lathas: once our mages have re-summoned the well
  • king Lathas: i[sic] will send a band of troops led by yourself
  • king Lathas: to head into west runescape and stop tryas
  • Player: i[sic] will be ready and waiting
  • king Lathas: your loyalty is appreiciated[sic] traveller
  • (You haved[sic] gained 5 quest points!)
  • (You just advanced X agility level!)
  • (You just advanced Y attack level!)
  • (you have completed the underground pass quest)

After Underground pass[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello king lathas
  • king Lathas: well hello there traveller
  • king Lathas: the mages are still ressurecting[sic] the well of voyage
  • king Lathas: but i'll[sic] have word sent to you as soon as its ready
  • Player: ok then, take care
  • king Lathas: you too