Baxtorian Falls

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Location on World Map
Tree Gnome Stronghold Baxtorian Falls Coal Trucks
Combat Training Camp
Baxtorian Falls map.png

Baxtorian Falls is a waterfall and the surrounding area in northern Kandarin. The Waterfall Quest takes place in this area. It is north of the Combat Training Camp and east of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Baxtorian Falls contain two underground areas called Glarial's Tomb and Waterfall dungeon.

Almera's house and the Tourist Information Centre are found on the eastern side of the river.

Mining rocks[edit | edit source]

Empty decorative rocks can be found all around Baxtorian Falls from near Moss Giants in the south to all the way to the northern border. There are, however, three mining locations with a total of nine Copper rocks.

South[edit | edit source]

In the south near Tourist Information Centre there are two copper rocks and an empty rock.

North[edit | edit source]

In the north between Almera's house and the World Map border there are four copper rocks and two empty ones.

West[edit | edit source]

Three more copper rocks can be found from across river west of Almera's house.

See Also[edit | edit source]

  • Almera, featured in the Waterfall quest
  • Hudon, Almera's son
  • Log raft, used to transport from Almera's house to near the Waterfall dungeon entrance