Dialogue for Tea seller

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Tea seller[edit | edit source]

  • Tea seller: Greetings!
  • Tea seller: Are you in need of refreshment ?
    • Yes please
      • Player: Yes please
      • (Store opens)
    • No thanks
      • Player: No thanks
      • Tea seller: Well if you're sure
      • Tea seller: You know where to come if you do !
    • What are you selling ?
      • Player: What are you selling ?
      • Tea seller: Only the most delicious infusion
      • Tea seller: Of the leaves of the tea plant
      • Tea seller: Grown in the exotic regions of this world...
      • Tea seller: Buy yourself a cup !

 Attempting to steal the display tea[edit | edit source]

  • Tea seller: Hey ! get your hands off that tea !
  • Tea seller: That's for display purposes only
  • Tea seller: Im not running a charity case here !

Attempting to steal from the Tea stall while he is looking[edit | edit source]

  • Tea seller: Oi what do you think you are doing ?
  • Tea seller: I'm not like those stallholders in Al Kharid
  • Tea seller: No one steals from my stall..