Dialogue for Trobert

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Before Hero's Quest[edit | edit source]

(The hideout cannot be accessed and thus cannot be spoken to)

During Hero's Quest[edit | edit source]

After the black arm member tells the correct code to Grubor[edit | edit source]

  • Trobert: Hi, welcome to our Brimhaven headquarters
  • Trobert: I'm Trobert and I'm in charge here
    • So can you help me get Scarface Pete's candlesticks?
      • Player: So can you help me get Scarface Pete's candlesticks?
      • Trobert: Well we have made some progress there
      • Trobert: We know one of the keys to Pete's treasure room is carried by Grip the head guard
      • Trobert: So we thought it might be good to get close to the head guard
      • Trobert: Grip was taking on a new deputy called Hartigen
      • Trobert: Hartigen was an Asgarnian black knight
      • Trobert: However he was deserting the black knight fortress and seeking new employment
      • Trobert: We managed to waylay him on the way here
      • Trobert: We now have his i.d paper
      • Trobert: Next we need someone to impersonate the black knight
        • I volunteer to undertake that mission
          • Player: I volunteer to undertake that mission
          • Trobert: Well here's the I.d
          • Trobert: Take that to the guard room at Scarface Pete's mansion
          • {Player receives an ID Paper}
        • Well good luck then
          • Player: Well good luck then
    • pleased to meet you
      • Player: Pleased[sic] to meet you

Having lost the ID paper[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I have lost Hartigen's I.D paper
  • Trobert: That was careless
  • Trobert: He had a spare fortunatley[sic]
  • Trobert: Here it is
  • Trobert: Be more careful this time
  • {Player receives an ID Paper}

Talking to him again with ID paper or when the player has given their ID to Grip (and onwards)[edit | edit source]

(Trobert won't talk to the black arm gang player)