Dialogue for Silk merchant

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If the player has no silk[edit | edit source]

  • silk merchant: I buy silk
  • silk merchant: If you get any silk to sell bring it here

If the player has silk[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello I have some fine silk from Al Kharid to sell to you
  • silk merchant: Ah I may be intersted[sic] in that
  • silk merchant: What sort of price were you looking at per piece of silk?
    • 20 coins
      • Player: 20 coins
      • silk merchant: Ok that suits me
    • 80 coins
      • Player: 80 coins
      • silk merchant: 80 coins that's a bit steep
      • silk merchant: How about 40 coins
        • Ok 40 sounds good
          • Player: Ok 40 sounds good
        • 50 and that's my final price
          • Player: 50 and that's my final price
          • silk merchant: Done
        • No that is not enough
          • Player: No that is not enough
    • 120 coins
      • Player: 120 coins
      • silk merchant: You'll never get that much for it
      • silk merchant: I'll be generous and give you 50 for it
        • Ok I guess 50 will do
          • Player: Ok I guess 50 will do
        • I'll give it to you for 60
          • Player: I'll give it you for 60
          • silk merchant: You drive a hard bargain
          • silk merchant: but I guess that will have to do
        • No that is not enough
          • Player: No that is not enough
    • 200 coins
      • Player: 200 coins
      • silk merchant: Don't be ridiculous that is far to much
      • silk merchant: You insult me with that price

After player has recently stolen from his stall[edit | edit source]

  • silk merchant: Do you really think I'm going to buy something
  • silk merchant: That you have just stolen from me
  • silk merchant: guards guards