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Off-quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello there
  • ceril: blooming, thieving, wierdos
  • ceril: why don't they leave me alone?
  • ceril: What's wrong?
  • Player: You probably deserve it
  • Player: You seem uptight, I'll leave you alone

During Hazeel cult[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello there
  • ceril: blooming, thieving, wierdos[sic]
  • ceril: why don't they leave me alone?
    • What's wrong?
      • Player: What's wrong?
      • ceril: it's those strange folk from the forest
      • ceril: those freaks keep breaking into my house
      • Player: have they taken much?
      • ceril: they first broke in months ago and stole a suit of armour
      • ceril: the strange thing is that they've broken in four times since
      • ceril: but took nothing
      • Player: and you are...?
      • ceril: why, i'm[sic] ceril carnillean
      • ceril: we really are quite a famous bloodline
      • ceril: we've played a large part in ardounge pollitics[sic] for generations
      • ceril: maybe you could help retrieve the armour?
      • ceril: of course there would be a handsom[sic] cash reward for yourself
        • No thanks i've[sic] got plans
          • Player: no thanks i've[sic] got plans
          • ceril: no wonder i'm[sic] the one with the big house and you're on the streets
        • yes, off[sic] course,i'd[sic] be happy to help
          • Player: yes of course, i'd[sic] be happy to help
          • ceril:that's very kind of you
          • ceril:I caught a glimpse of the thieves leaving
          • ceril:but due to ermm... my cold... I was unable to give chase
          • ceril:they were dressed all in black
          • ceril:I think they may have belonged to some sort of cult
          • Player: do you know where they are?
          • ceril:my old butler once followed them
          • ceril:to a cave entrance in the forest south of here
          • ceril:unfortunately the next night he died in his sleep
          • Player: that's awful
          • ceril:it's ok, a replacement arrived the next day
          • ceril:he's been great, cooks an excellent broth
          • Player: ok ceril, i'll[sic] see what i[sic] can do
          • (Quest start)
    • You probably deserve it
      • Player: you probably deserve it
      • ceril: who are you to judge me?
      • ceril: hmmm, you look like a peasant
      • ceril: i'm[sic] wasting my time talking to you
    • You seem uptight, I'll leave you alone
      • Player: you seem uptight,i'll[sic] leave you alone
      • ceril: yes, i[sic] doubt you could help

Talking to him again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello ceril
  • ceril: it's sir ceril to you
  • ceril: and shouldn't you be out recovering my suit of armour?

After siding 'good'[edit | edit source]

Talking to him once more[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello ceril
  • ceril: it's sir ceril to you
  • ceril: and shouldn't you be out recovering my suit of armour?

Having found Clivet, not having killed Alomone[edit | edit source]

  • ceril: have you had any luck yet?
  • Player: hello ceril, i've[sic] discovered the hideout
  • ceril: well done... and the armour?
  • Player: i'm[sic] afraid not
  • Player: i[sic] spoke to a cult member in the entrance of the cave
  • Player: but he escaped into the sewer systems
  • Player: seems they have a grievance with your family
  • Player: something to do with some bloke called hazeel
  • ceril: err errmm... no
  • ceril: They're obviously all mad
  • ceril: just find them and bring back the armour

After killing Alomone, not having the armour[edit | edit source]

  • Player: ceril, how are you?
  • ceril: Im ok. Have you found the armour
  • Player: i'm[sic] afraid not
  • ceril: well i'm[sic] not paying you to see the sights
  • Player: okay, i'll[sic] go and try and retrieve it for you

After killing Alomone, having the armour[edit | edit source]

  • Player: ceril, how are you?
  • Player: Look, I've found the armour
  • ceril: well done i[sic] must say i[sic] am impressed
  • (you give ceril the family armour)
  • ceril: before we send you on your way
  • ceril: i'll[sic] get our butler jones
  • ceril: to whip you up some of his special broth
  • Player: i'd[sic] rather not
  • Player: i[sic] overheard the cult members talking
  • Player: the buttler[sic] is really working for them
  • ceril: that's it, come with me
  • ceril: we'll sort this out once and for all
  • (you follow ceril up to butler Jones' room)
  • (ceril speaks briefly with Jones)
  • ceril: Well, he assures me that he's a loyal hard working man
  • ceril: I cannot fathom, why you would believe he is a spy
  • Player: surely you won't take his word for it?
  • ceril: we have also decided that due to the humilliation you have caused
  • ceril: it is only fair that Jones shall recieve[sic] your reward
  • ceril: you shall recieve[sic] payment more suited to your low life personality
  • (ceril gives you 5 gold coins)
  • (ceril gives jones[sic] 695 gold coins)
  • ceril: now take it and leave
  • (butler Jones has a slight grin)
  • (You're going to need more than just your word)
  • (To prove Jones' treachary[sic])

After receiving the reward, not having found the special evidence to accuse the Butler[edit | edit source]

  • Player: you owe me money
  • ceril: i[sic] owe you nothing now go away
  • ceril: before i[sic] have jones throw you out

After handing in the evidence[edit | edit source]

  • (you search the cupboard)
  • (you find a bottle of poison)
  • (and a strange amulet)
  • (you pass your finds to ceril)
  • Player: look what i've[sic] found?
  • ceril: what's this for jones?
  • (ceril takes the bottle)
  • ceril: i[sic] don't believe it, it's poison
  • butler: mr carnillean, it's for the rats
  • butler: i'm[sic] just a loyal servent[sic]
  • ceril: i've[sic] seen this amulet before
  • ceril: the thieves that broke in
  • ceril: one of them was wearing exactly the same amulet
  • ceril: jones i[sic] don't believe it
  • ceril: we trusted you
  • butler: that's because you're an old fool ceril
  • butler: I should have got rid of you and your family weeks ago
  • (ceril calls for the guards)
  • butler: don't worry ceril
  • butler: we'll make sure you and your family pay
  • ceril: looks like i[sic] owe you an apology traveller
  • Player: that's ok, we all make mistakes
  • ceril: if it wasn't for you he could have poisoned my whole family
  • ceril: i'm[sic] sorry for the way i[sic] spoke to you
  • ceril: the least i[sic] can do is give you a proper reward
  • (Well done you have completed the Hazeel cult quest)
  • (You just advanced X thieving level!)
  • (You haved[sic] gained 1 quest point!)
  • (ceril gives you 2000 gold coins)
  • Player: thanks ceril
  • ceril: thankyou[sic], you're welcome here any time traveller

After the quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello ceril
  • ceril: well hello there
  • ceril: brave adventurer, it's good to see you again
  • ceril: if it wasn't for you
  • ceril: that butler jones would have poisoned me by now

After siding 'evil'[edit | edit source]

  • ceril: have you had any luck yet?
  • Player: i'm[sic] afraid not ceril
  • ceril: well that's strange
  • ceril: the butler seemed quite sure about their location

After using poison on the range[edit | edit source]

  • ceril: oh my, the misery, the pain
  • ceril: my son is a good boy but stupid as well
  • ceril: i[sic] can't believe he gave his dinner to scruffy
  • ceril: without having the servents[sic] check it for poison first
  • ceril: how could he be so careless?
  • Player: scruffy?
  • ceril: he's been in the family for twenty years the poor dog
  • ceril: what did he ever do to hurt anyone?

After talking to Alomone[edit | edit source]

  • Player: ceril, how are you?
  • ceril: I'm devestated
  • ceril: i[sic] don't know what to do with myself since i[sic] lost scruffy
  • (ceril bursts into tears)

After finding the Script of Hazeel[edit | edit source]

  • Player:hello ceril, how are you?
  • ceril: I think the thieves may have been back in the house
  • Player: Why?
  • ceril: i'm[sic] not sure but it seem's[sic] as if some of my books
  • ceril: have been re-arranged in my study
  • ceril: it's either that or i'm losing my marbles

After quest (evil side)[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello ceril
  • ceril: i[sic] maybe wrong
  • ceril: but ever since i[sic] asked for your help
  • ceril: thing's have gone from bad to worse
  • ceril: i[sic] think from now on you better keep out of my way