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Glough[edit | edit source]

Before and after the quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello there
  • Glough: you shouldn't be here human
  • Player: what do you mean?
  • Glough: the gnome stronghold is for gnomes alone
  • Player: surely not!
  • Glough: we don't need you're sort around here
  • (he doesn't seem very nice)

After the king tells you to talk to him[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello
  • (the gnome is munching on a worm hole)
  • Glough: can i[sic] help human, can't you see i'm eating?
  • Glough: these are my favourite
  • (the gnome continues to eat)
  • Player: the king asked me to inform you...
  • Player: that the daconia rocks have been taken
  • Glough: surley not!
  • Player: apparently a human took them from hazelmere
  • Player: he had a permission note with the king's seal
  • Glough: i[sic] should have known, the humans are going to invade
  • Player: never
  • Glough: your type can't be trusted
  • Glough: i'll[sic] take care of this, you go back to the king

After finding his journal[edit | edit source]

  • Player: glough, i[sic] don't know what you're up to...
  • Player: ...but i[sic] know you paid charlie to get those rocks
  • Glough: you're a fool human
  • Glough: you have no idea whats going on
  • Player: i[sic] know the grand tree's dying
  • Player: and i[sic] think you're part of the reason
  • Glough: how dare you accuse me, i'm the head tree guardian
  • Glough: guards...guards
  • (gnome guards hurry up the ladder)
  • Glough: take him away
  • Player: what for?
  • Glough: grand treason against his majesty king shareem
  • Glough: this man is a human spy
  • Glough: lock him up
  • (the gnome guards take you to the top of the grand tree)

When the player goes back to his tree house after being jailed[edit | edit source]

  • Glough: lock him up {Only said first time}
  • {Player is not jailed}

After getting the invoice from the Shipyard foreman[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I know what you're up to glough
  • Glough: you have no idea human
  • Player: you may be able to make a fleet
  • Player: but the tree gnomes will never follow you into battle
  • Glough: so, you know more than i[sic] thought, i'm[sic] impressed
  • Glough: the gnomes fear humanity more than any other race
  • Glough: i[sic] just need to give them a push in the right direction
  • Glough: there's nothing you can do traveller[sic]
  • Glough: leave before it's too late
  • Glough: soon all of runescape will feel the wrath of glough
  • Player: king shareem won't allow it
  • Glough: the king's a fool and a coward, he'll soon bow to me
  • Glough: and you'll soon be back in that cage

After talking with Charlie from getting the keys[edit | edit source]

  • Player: i'm[sic] going to stop you glough
  • Glough: you're becoming quite annoying traveller[sic]
  • (glough is searching his pockets)
  • (he seems very uptight)
  • Glough: damn keys
  • Glough: leave human, before i[sic] have you put in the cage

Entering the dungeon[edit | edit source]

  • (you push down on the pillar)
  • (you feel it shift downwards slightly)
  • (the pillar shifts back revealing a ladder)
  • (it seems to lead down through the tree trunk)
  • (you squeeze down the inner of the tree trunk)
  • (you drop out of the bottom onto a mud floor)
  • (around you, you can see piles of strange looking rocks)
  • (you here the sound of small footsteps coming from the darkness)
  • Glough: you really are becoming a headache
  • Glough: well, at least now you can die knowing you were right
  • Glough: it will save me having to hunt you down
  • Glough: like all the over human filth of runescape
  • Player: you're crazy glough
  • Glough: i'm[sic] angry, you think you're so special
  • Glough: well, soon you'll see, the gnome's are ready to fight
  • Glough: in three weeks this tree will be dead wood
  • Glough: in ten weeks it will be 30 battleships
  • Glough: ready to finally rid the world of the disease called humanity
  • Player: what makes you think i'll[sic] let you get away with it?
  • Glough: ha, do you think i would challange[sic] you humans alone
  • Glough: fool.....meet my little friend
  • (from the darkness you hear a deep growl)
  • (and the sound of heavy footsteps)
  • Black Demon: grrrrr
  • (You are under attack!)
  • (the beast slumps to the floor)
  • (glough has fled)