Dialogue for Referee

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Referee[edit | edit source]

When player first talks to him[edit | edit source]

  • Referee: hi, welcome to gnome ball
  • Player: gnome ball?,[sic] how do you play?
  • Referee: it's pretty simple really, you take the ball from me
  • Referee: charge at the gnome defense and try to throw the ball..
  • Referee: ..through the net to the goal catcher, it's a rough game but great fun
  • Referee: it's also a great way to improve your agility
  • Referee: so do you fancy a game?
    • looks too dangerous for me
      • Player: looks too dangerous for me
      • Referee: you may be right, we've seen humans die on this field
    • ok then i'll[sic] have a go
      • Player: ok then i'll[sic] have a go
      • Referee: great stuff
      • Referee: there are no rules to gnome ball, so it can get a bit rough
      • Referee: you can pass to the winger gnomes if your behind the start line
      • Referee: then you can make a run and they'll pass back
      • Referee: otherwise, if you're feeling brave you, can just charge and dodge
      • Player: sounds easy enough
      • Referee: the main aim is to leave with no broken limbs
      • Referee: i[sic] think you should be fine

When player does not have a Gnome Ball[edit | edit source]

  • Referee: ready ... go
  • (the ref throws the ball into the air)
  • (you jump up and catch it)

When player already has a Gnome Ball[edit | edit source]

  • Referee: the ball's still in play