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The Bestiary is a list of all the monsters found in RuneScape Classic. It is organized by the monsters combat level.

Note: The combat level shown is that which is calculated by the game client, which may have been outdated from the combat level used on the server. The combat level shown in-game to the player is always rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Levels 0-9

Levels 10-19

Levels 20-29

Levels 30-39

Levels 40-49

Levels 50-59

Levels 60-69

Levels 70-79

Levels 80-89

Levels 90-99

Levels 100-109

Levels 110-119

Levels 120-129

Levels 130-139

Levels 140-149

Levels 150-159

Levels 170-179

Levels 200-209

Levels 240-249