Dialogue for Fairy Lunderwin

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Fairy Lunderwin[edit | edit source]

  • Fairy Lunderwin: I am buying cabbage, we have no such thing where I come from
  • Fairy Lunderwin: I pay hansomly[sic] for this wounderous[sic] object
  • Fairy Lunderwin: Would 100 gold coins per cabbage be a fair price?
  • (if the player has no cabbages):
  • Player: Alas I have no cabbages either
  • (otherwise):
    • Yes, I will sell you all my cabbages
      • Player: Yes, I will sell you all my cabbages
      • Note the below 2 lines get repeated for each cabbage the player has
      • You sell a cabbage
      • (Player receives 100gp)
      • Fairy Lunderwin: Good doing buisness[sic] with you
    • No, I will keep my cabbbages
      • Player: No, I will keep my cabbages