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This is a dangerous Minigame, Death is very possible.
Location on World Map
Pirates' Hideout Mage Arena Bat House
Lava Maze

The Mage Arena is a mini-quest located deep in the Member's Wilderness that requires level 60 Magic (cannot be boosted). Upon finishing your duel with Kolodion, you can obtain a God Cape and God Staves. These items are required to cast the high-leveled God Spells.

Chambers[edit | edit source]

In addition to the mini-quest which DOES reside in the Wilderness, the basement of the Mage Arena is NOT considered apart the wilderness and consists of two separate chambers.

Main Chamber
Statue Chamber

Main Chamber[edit | edit source]

To access the main chamber, players need a knife or other bladed weapon to slash through the two spiderwebs in the building north of the Mage Arena. Once the webs have been cut head down the ladder. The main chamber contains Gundai the banker, Lundail who owns the rune store and Kolodion.

Statue Chamber[edit | edit source]

After a player has beaten Kolodion in the arena they may enter the Magical pool in the main chamber to be transported to the statue chamber. There are two Chamber Guardians who own a staff shop as well as three Statues and God stones for Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak.

Unlocking the God Spells[edit | edit source]

Preparing[edit | edit source]

Players check the table below for what you can and cannot take with you into the Mage Arena:

Item Class Permitted Items Not Permitted Items
Weapons Staves Melee, Ranged, Battlestaves, Staff of Iban
Armour Magic and Prayer robes/hats, Amulets, Silver Jewellery, capes, Santa hat Melee, Ranged, Gauntlets
Miscellaneous Foods and Potions
Unconfirmed (Probable) Leather boots/gloves (and variants), Holiday items, Necklaces (Unknown) Leather armour and anti-dragon shield

It is recommended that players bring the best food they have and around 200 spell casts of their choice (Fire bolt or better recommended). Additionally, players should bring a knife with them to allow them to re access the Main Chamber, if they Retreat.

The Duel[edit | edit source]

To unlock the God Spells you must duel Kolodion.

NOTE 1: Players are not required to duel him in all his forms in one go. If players die or leave mid-fight when they return they will continue the fight on the form they were last on.

WARNING: Players who have killed at least one form. The next time you speak to Kolodion he will send you back to the Arena (Assuming you do not have any prohibited items) WITHOUT any confirmation from you.

NOTE 2: Players who take too long to kill a form or engage in prolonged melee combat will cause Kolodion to despawn.

Defeating him in five progressively difficult forms while your Attack and Strength stats are drained to 0. You may only use magic to defeat the five forms of Kolodion.

Victory[edit | edit source]

Upon defeating the final form, you will be teleported back into the Main Chamber. Step into the Magical pool to be taken to the Statue Chamber to be rewarded with a God Staff and God Cape of your choice by praying to the statue of the appropriate God: Guthix, Saradomin, or Zamorak for the cape. To get your one free staff talk to one of the Chamber guardians. The two additional God Staves can also be bought for 80,000 coins each. You may only have one God Cape at a time. To change capes, you must drop your current God Cape and pray to the statue of the desired God to obtain the new cape.

The God Spells[edit | edit source]

There are Battle mages inside the arena
Main article: God Spells

The God Spells can be cast inside the arena with 60 Magic, the required runes, and the relevant God Staff equipped. Each successful cast grants 140 Magic experience.

Spell Staff required Cape required Runes required Effect
Claws of Guthix Battlestaff.pngStaff of Guthix Guthix Cape.pngGuthix Cape 4 air-runes, 1 fire-rune and 2 blood-runes Drains Opponent's Defense
Saradomin Strike Staff of Saradomin.pngStaff of Saradomin Saradomin Cape.pngSaradomin Cape 4 air-runes, 2 fire-rune and 2 blood-runes Drains Opponent's Prayer
Flames of Zamorak Staff of Iban.pngStaff of Zamorak Zamorak Cape.pngZamorak Cape 1 air-rune, 4 fire-runes and 2 blood-runes Drains Opponent's Magic

In order to cast a God Spell outside of the arena, you must cast the spell 100 times within the arena. Also, damage inflicted by the God Spells can be temporarily doubled by casting the level 80 spell Charge.

Glitches[edit | edit source]

Underside of bridge
  • The bridge connecting the Arena to the path out is transparent on its underside.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The bank underneath the Arena is the only such bank in the entire Wilderness. Because of this, it is often used for purposes other than the Mage Arena, such as for Player Killing or the Wilderness Agility Course.
  • When Free-to-play servers existed players who wanted to safely access the Mage Arena could do so by logging out in a members portion of the Wilderness and then logging into a Free-to-play server and entering the Main Chamber before logging back into a member world.[1]

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