Dialogue for Wilough

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Before starting Gertrude's cat[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello youngster
  • Shilop: i[sic] don't talk to strange old people

During Gertrude's cat[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello there, i've[sic] been looking for you
  • Shilop: i[sic] didn't mean to take it!,[sic] i[sic] just forgot to pay
  • Player: what?...i'm[sic] trying to help your mum find fluffs
  • Shilop: ohh..., well, in that case i[sic] might be able to help
  • Shilop: fluffs followed me to my secret play area..
  • Wilough: i[sic] haven't seen him since
  • Player: and where is this play area?
  • Wilough: if i[sic] told you that, it wouldn't be a secret
    • tell me sonny, or i[sic] will hurt you
      • Player: tell me sonny, or i[sic] will hurt you
      • Wilough: w..w..what? y..you wouldn't, a young lad like me
      • Wilough: i'd[sic] have you behind bars before nightfall
      • you decide it's best not to hurt the boy
    • what will make you tell me?
      • Player: what will make you tell me?
      • Wilough: well...now you ask, i[sic] am a bit short on cash
      • Player: how much?
      • Wilough: 100 coins should cover it
      • Player: 100 coins!,[sic] why should i[sic] pay you?
      • Wilough: you shouldn't, but i[sic] won't help otherwise
      • Wilough: i[sic] never liked that cat any way, so what do you say?
        • i'm[sic] not paying you a penny
          • Player: i'm[sic] not paying you a penny
          • Wilough: ok then, i[sic] find another way to make money
        • ok then, i'll[sic] pay
      • Player: ok then, i'll[sic] pay
        • (Player has less than 100 coins)
          • Player: but i'll[sic] have to get some money first
          • Wilough: i'll[sic] be waiting
        • (Player has at least 100 coins)
          • Player: there you go, now where did you see fluffs?
          • Wilough: i[sic] play at an abandoned lumber mill to the north..
          • Wilough: just beyond the jolly boar inn...
          • Wilough: i[sic] saw fluffs running around in there
          • Player: anything else?
          • Wilough: well, you'll have to find a broken fence to get in
          • Wilough: i'm[sic] sure you can manage that
          • you give the lad 100 coins
    • well never mind, fluffs' loss
      • Player: well, never mind, fluffs' loss
      • Wilough: i'm[sic] sure my mum will get over it

Whilst the player has not found Fluffs or not given her the Milk to trigger checkpoint[edit | edit source]

  • Player: where did you say you saw fluffs?
  • Wilough: weren't you listerning[sic]?,[sic] i[sic] saw the flee bag...
  • Wilough: ...in the old lumber mill just north east of here
  • Wilough: just walk past the jolly boar inn and you should find it

After giving the Milk to Fluffs and any subsequent checkpoints[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello again
  • Wilough: you think you're tough do you?
  • Player: pardon?
  • Wilough: i[sic] can beat anyone up
  • Player: really
  • the boy begins to jump around with his fists up
  • you decide it's best not to kill him just yet