Dialogue for Prince Ali

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During Prince Ali Rescue quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Prince, I come to rescue you
  • Prince Ali: That is very very kind of you, how do I get out?
  • Player: With a disguise, I have removed the Lady Keli
  • Player: She is tied up, but will not stay tied up for long
  • (if player does not have all the disguise items)
  • Prince Ali: You don't seem to have all I need to escape yet
  • Prince Ali: I dare not risk death to these people
  • (if player have all the disguise items)
  • Player: Take this disguise, and this key
  • (You hand the disguise and the key to the prince)
  • Prince Ali: Thankyou[sic] my friend, I must leave you now
  • Prince Ali: My father will pay you well for this
  • (That is an effective disguise)
  • Player: Go to Leela, she is close to here
  • (The prince has escaped, well done!)
  • (You are now a friend of Al kharid)
  • (And may pass through the Al Kharid toll gate for free)

After Prince Ali Rescue quest[edit | edit source]

(the only way to access this is to wait in the room after you rescue him, it's impossible to re-enter the door)

  • Prince Ali: I owe you my life for that escape
  • Prince Ali: You cannot help me this time, they know who you are
  • Prince Ali: Go in peace, friend of Al Kharid