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Location on World Map
Draynor Manor Champions' Guild Exam Centre

The Champions' Guild is a guild located south of Varrock which requires 32 Quest Points to enter. The Champions' Guild is a popular place for buying high-level armour in RuneScape Classic, due to a shop that sells many pieces of Rune Armour otherwise only obtainable through rare drops or high level smithing.

When inside the Champions' Guild, players can start the Dragon Slayer quest by talking with the Guildmaster.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the quest point system, the Champions' Guild required players to have the highest amount of Influence available to enter.
  • Upon transition to the quest point system, players needed 30 Quest points to enter[1].
    • This meant that if players only had done those quests that awarded influence, on transition they had 26 QP and were left out until they completed the missing amount of quest points.
  • Other than the guild requirement's message that is displayed when players fail to meet the requirements, the Guildmaster's dialogue wasn't changed to reference quest points.
    • In addition the entry requirement to the guild was later fixed to 32 QP, as new guilds were being designed, having higher requirements.

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