Dialogue for Captain Tobias

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Captain Tobias[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Tobias: Do you want to go on a trip to Karamja?
  • Captain Tobias: The trip will cost you 30 gold
    • Yes please
      • Player: Yes please
        • (Player has no money)
        • Player: Oh dear I don't seem to have enough money
        • (Player has money)
        • (You pay 30 gold)
        • (You board the ship)
        • (The ship arrives at Karamja)
    • No thankyou[sic]
      • Player: No thankyou[sic]
  • (if Player has not started Dragon Slayer the below option gets added before "Yes please")
    • I'd rather go to Crandor Isle
      • Player: I'd rather go to Crandor Isle
      • Seaman Thresnor: No I need to stay alive
      • Seaman Thresnor: I have a wife and family to support
    • Missing dialogue from Dragon slayer