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Outside the game[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello
  • Cheerleader: hi there, how are you doing?
  • Player: not bad thanks
  • Cheerleader: i[sic] just love the big games
  • Cheerleader: all those big muscle bound around
  • Player: big?
  • Cheerleader: do you play gnome ball?
    • what is it?
      • Player: what is it?
      • Cheerleader: like, only the greatest gnome ball game ever made!
      • Player: are there many gnome ball games
      • Cheerleader: no, there's just one
      • Cheerleader: and it's the best
      • Player: ok, so how do you play?
      • Cheerleader: the attacker gets the ball and runs towards the goal net
      • Player: and...?
      • Cheerleader: scores of course
      • Player: sounds easy enough
      • Cheerleader: you'll be playing against the best defenders in the gnome ball league
      • Player: really, are there many teams in the league?
      • Cheerleader: nope, just us!
    • play![sic] i'm[sic] a gnome ball master[sic]
      • Player: play! i'm[sic] a gnome ball master?[sic]
      • Cheerleader: really, that's amazing, you're not even a gnome
      • Player: it does give me a height advantage
      • Cheerleader: i[sic] look forward to cheering you on
      • Player: the first goal's for you
      • Cheerleader: wow!,[sic] thanks

During gnome ball[edit | edit source]

Cheer 1[edit | edit source]

  • Cheerleader: yahoo
  • Cheerleader: go go traveller

Cheer 2[edit | edit source]

  • Cheerleader: yeah
  • Cheerleader: good goal