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Official[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello there
  • Official: well hello adventurer, are you playing?
    • not at the moment
      • Player: not at the moment
      • Official: well really you shouldn't be on the pitch
      • Official: some of these games get really rough
        • how do you play?
          • Player: how do you play?
          • Official: it's easy, you're given a ball from the ref
          • Official: the gnomes in orange are on your team
          • Official: you then charge at the gnome defense and try to throw the ball..
          • Official: ..through the net to the goal catcher, it's a rough game but fun
          • Official: it's also great way to improve your agility
        • it looks like a silly game anyway
          • Player: it looks like a silly game anyway
          • Official: gnome ball silly!, this my friend is the backbone of our community
          • Official: it also happens to be a great way to stay fit and agile
    • yes, i'm[sic] just having a break
      • Player: yes, i'm[sic] just having a break
      • Official: good stuff, there's nothing like chasing a pigs bladder..
      • Official: ..to remind one that they're alive