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Port Khazard
Feldip Hills Yanille Hazelmere's island
Ogre City

Yanille is a city located east of Feldip Hills. It is home to the Wizard' Guild, has a potion certification clerk, and is the starting point for the Watchtower Quest.

Notable Features[edit | edit source]

Pub and Cooking Shop[edit | edit source]

In the south western corner of Yanille is a pub called Ye Olde Dragon Inn. It is the only place in RuneScape Classic where players may buy the Herblaw boosting drink Greenmans ale and the Gielinor famous Dragon bitter.

In the middle of town is Frenita's Cooking Shop.

Certer[edit | edit source]

North west of the bank in Yanille is a building which is home to Sidney Smith, a certer who can exchange prayer potions, super attack/defense/strength potions, limpwurt roots, and dragon bones for certificates.

By talking to Sidney Smith or by using the item to be certed directly on her (the faster method), players can the exchange following items:

Super attack Potion (3 dose).png Super Attack Potion
Super Attack Potion Certificate.png Super Attack Potion Certificate
Super strength Potion (3 dose).png Super Strength Potion
Certificate.png Super Strength Potion Certificate
Super defense Potion (3 dose).png Super Defence Potion
Super Defense Potion Certificate.png Super Defense Potion Certificate
Restore prayer Potion (3 dose).png Restore prayer Potion
Prayer Potion Certificate.png Prayer Potion Certificate
Dragon Bones.png Dragon Bones
Certificate.png Dragon Bone Certificate
Limpwurt root.png Limpwurt root
Limpwurt Root Certificate.png Limpwurt Root Certificate

Because these items are not stackable and players can only trade twelve items per trade screen, they are often exchanged for certificates so that they can be traded easier and faster.

Wizards Guild[edit | edit source]

The Wizards' Guild is located west of the bank in Yanille. Level 66 magic is required to enter, boosts such as Wizards' Mind Bomb may be used.

  • In the basement there are caged zombies, useful for casting crumble undead
  • On the second floor there is a rune shop which sells soul-runes
  • On the third floor there is a portal room with teleports to various places[Clarify]

Agility Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Yanille has an underground agility dungeon. This area is broken into three sections.

  • The first part is accessible at level 40 agility, and is home to a few[Clarify] Chaos druid warrior spawns.
  • The second section becomes accessible at level 57 agility, which leads to a Chaos druid spawn.
  • The last section leads to Salarin the Twisted and can be accessed once a player reaches 67 agility. Salarin is an aggressive mage who is capable of lowering the players stats, and can only be defeated with strike spells. He drops a sinister key, which is used on the sinister chest which grants herbs used in herblaw. This chest is the only source of Torstol, an ingredient in the Zamorak potion.

Training Spots[edit | edit source]

  • North of Yanille is a mining area with several iron rocks and a few mithril rocks[Clarify]
  • Yanille also has watchmen who can be pickpocketed at level 65 thieving.
  • There is an anvil useful for Smithing, only a few steps from the bank, however players must right click and picklock a door requiring level 16 thieving to access it. Despite this, a picklock itself is not required.

NPCs[edit | edit source]