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Guide[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, who are you ?[sic]
  • Guide: Hello, I am the panning guide
  • Guide: I'm here to teach you how to pan for gold
  • Player: Excellent!
  • Guide: Let me explain how panning works...
  • Guide: First You[sic] need a panning tray
  • Guide: Use the tray in the panning points in the water
  • Guide: Then examine your tray
  • Guide: If you find any gold, take it to the expert
  • Guide: Up in the museum storage facility
  • Guide: He will calculate it's value for you
  • Player: Okay thanks

Attempting to pan without giving tea[edit | edit source]

  • Guide: Hey! you[sic] can't pan yet!
  • Player: Why not ?[sic]
  • Guide: We do not allow the uninvited to pan here
    • Okay, forget it
      • Player: Okay, forget it
      • Guide: You can of course use this place when you know what you are doing
    • So how do I become invited then ?[sic]
      • Player: So how do I become invited then ?[sic]
      • Guide: I'm not supposed to let people pan here
      • Guide: Unless they have permission from the authorities first
      • Guide: Mind you I could let you have a go...
      • Guide: If you're willing to do me a favour
      • Player: What's that ?[sic]
      • Guide: Well...to be honest...
      • Guide: What I would really like...
      • Guide: Is a nice cup of tea ![sic]
      • Player: Tea !?[sic]
      • Guide: Absolutely, I'm parched ![sic]
      • Guide: If you could bring me on of those...
      • Guide: I would be more than willing to let you pan here

After giving tea[edit | edit source]

  • Guide: Ah! Lovely!
  • Guide: You can't beat a good cuppa...
  • Guide: You're free to pan all you want
  • Player: Thanks