Dialogue for Serevel

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Serevel[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello
  • Serevel: Hello Bwana.
  • Serevel: Are you interested in buying a ticket for the 'Lady of the Waves'?
  • Serevel: It's a ship that can take you to either Port Sarim or Khazard Port
  • Serevel: The ship lies west of Shilo Village and south of Cairn Island.
  • Serevel: The tickets cost 100 Gold Pieces.
  • Serevel: Would you like to purchase a ticket Bwana?
    • Yes, that sounds great!
      • Player: Yes, that sounds great!
      • Serevel: Great, nice doing business with you.
    • No thanks.
      • Player: No thanks.
      • Serevel: Fair enough Bwana, let me know if you change your mind.