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Melzar's Maze
Crandor Rimmington Port Sarim
Musa Point
A player standing in the center of Rimmington.
A mismatched texture on a house in the village.

Rimmington is a very small village in the Kingdom of Asgarnia. It is located south-west of Falador and west of Port Sarim. The area is home to several NPCs and two shops. Despite the relatively small size of this settlement, it has several useful features.

Notable features[edit | edit source]

These are the most notable features found in Rimmington:

The northern building to the east contains:

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • There is a paved area with a well in the center of the village. Six red flowers grow along the road, three on each side.
  • To the west are two buildings which are joined together.
    • In the northern building there is a range on the eastern wall, a sink on the southern wall. There is a table with a bronze pickaxe spawn in the north western corner. Stairs lead to an upper floor where where is a man, a bronze scimitar spawn, and some railings.
    • The southern building is the home of Hetty the witch. Inside her home is a cauldron.
  • In the southern central part of the village are two joined buildings. The building to the east has a mismatched texture on the exterior and interior walls. On the southern wall there are two log spawns.
    • The building to the east is the crafting store, see its article for a detailed description.
  • The west side of the village is where the general shop can be found. Inside are two shopkeepers. A sign hangs on the outside of the building and inside are two counters.
  • Further west of the village is a house where the Chemist, DeVinci, Hops, and Chancy can be found. Outside the house are three oak trees. The house is surrounded by a fence. On the southern wall there is a bookcase, chair, and table. There is a fenced in outdoor porch area with a wooden floor to the west, and on it are a chair and table facing west towards the ocean in the direction of Karamja.
The house where the Chemist is found