Dialogue for City Guard

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City guard[edit | edit source]

Talking to him[edit | edit source]

  • City Guard: Grrrr, what business have you here ?
  • Player: I am on an errand...
  • City Guard: So what do you want with me ?
    • I am an ogre killer come to destroy you!
      • Player: I am an ogre killer come to destroy you!
      • City Guard: I would like to see you try!
      • (You are under attack!)
    • I seek passage into the skavid caves
      • Player: I seek passage into the skavid caves
      • City Guard: Is that so...
      • City Guard: You humour me small thing, answer this riddle and I will help you...
      • City Guard: I want you to bring me an item
      • City Guard: I will give you all the letters of this item, you work out what it is...
      • City Guard: My first is in days, but not in years
      • City Guard: My second is in evil, and also in tears
      • City Guard: My third is in all, but not in none
      • City Guard: My fourth is in hot, but not in sun
      • City Guard: My fifth is in heaven, and also in hate
      • City Guard: My sixth is in fearing, but not in fate
      • City Guard: My seventh is in plush, but not in place
      • City Guard: My eighth is in nine, but not in eight
      • City Guard: My last is in earth, and also in in great
      • City Guard: My whole is an object, that magic will make
      • City Guard: It brings wrack and ruin to all in it's wake...
      • City Guard: Now how long I wonder, will this riddle take ?

Using the death rune on the guard[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I worked it out!
  • City Guard: Well well.. the imp has done it!
  • City Guard: Thanks for the rune
  • City Guard: This is what you be needing...
  • (The guard gives you a map)

Talking to him after the player has given him the rune[edit | edit source]

  • City Guard: What is it ?
    • Do you have any other riddles for me ?
      • Player: Do you have any other riddles for me ?
      • City Guard: Yes, what looks good on a plate with salad ?
        • I don't know...
          • Player: I don't know...
          • City Guard: You!!!
          • City Guard: Now go and bother me no more...
        • A nice pizza ?
          • Player: A nice pizza ?
          • City Guard: Grr.. think you are a comedian eh ?
          • City Guard: Get lost!
    • I have lost the map you gave me
      • Player: I have lost the map you gave me
      • [Player has it in inventory]
      • City Guard: Are you blind ? what is that you are carrying ?
      • Player: Oh, that map....
      • [Player does not have it]
      • City Guard: What's the point ? take this copy and bother me no more!
      • {Player gets another Skavid map}