Dialogue for Stankers

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Stankers[edit | edit source]

  • Stankers: Hello bold adventurer
    • Are these your trucks?
      • Player: Are these your trucks?
      • Stankers: Yes, I use them to transport coal over the river
      • Stankers: I will let other people use them too
      • Stankers: I'm a nice person like that
      • Stankers: Just put coal in a truck and I'll move it down to my depot over the river
    • Hello Mr Stankers
      • Player: Hello Mr Stankers
      • Stankers: Would you like a poison chalice?
        • Yes please
          • Player: Yes please
          • (Stankers hands you a glass of strangely coloured liquid)
          • (Poison chalice in placed in players inventory- drops to ground if inventory is full)
        • what's a poison chalice?
          • Player: What's a poison chalice?
          • Stankers: It's an exciting drink I've invented
          • Stankers: I don't know what it tastes like
          • Stankers: I haven't tried it myself
        • no thankyou[sic]
          • Player: no thankyou[sic]