Zaff's staff shop

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Zaff's staff shop is a shop located north-west of the town square in Varrock. It is owned by Zaff and sells various staves.

While the shop itself is available to non-members, it will only stock battlestaves on members worlds.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Zaff's Superior Staves.png

in stock
sold at
bought at
Battlestaff.pngBattlestaff5Coins.png 7,000Coins.png 3,850
Staff.pngStaff5Coins.png 15Coins.png 8
Magic Staff.pngMagic Staff5Coins.png 200Coins.png 110
Staff of Air.pngStaff of Air2Coins.png 1,500Coins.png 825
Staff of water.pngStaff of water2Coins.png 1,500Coins.png 825
Staff of earth.pngStaff of earth2Coins.png 1,500Coins.png 825
Staff of fire.pngStaff of fire2Coins.png 1,500Coins.png 825