Mage Arena Staves

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Mage Arena Staves is located in the deep level 53 Wilderness within the Mage Arena.

The shop and its owner Chamber Guardian are located in a separate cave from the bank and rune shop and it requires completion of the Arena to enter it through the Magical pool.

Note: Players are unable to sell their God staves back to the store.

Stock[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Staff of Saradomin.pngStaff of Saradomin5Coins.png 80,000Coins.png 48,000
Staff of guthix.pngStaff of guthix5Coins.png 80,000Coins.png 48,000
Staff of zamorak.pngStaff of zamorak5Coins.png 80,000Coins.png 48,000