Wayne's Chains

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Wayne's Chains is a shop located in southern Falador. It is owned by Wayne, who buys and sells Chain Mail Bodies.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Wayne's Chains.png

in stock
sold at
bought at
Bronze Chain Mail Body.pngBronze Chain Mail Body3Coins.png 60Coins.png 39
Iron Chain Mail Body.pngIron Chain Mail Body2Coins.png 210Coins.png 136
Steel Chain Mail Body.pngSteel Chain Mail Body1Coins.png 750Coins.png 487
Black Chain Mail Body.pngBlack Chain Mail Body1Coins.png 1,440Coins.png 936
Mithril Chain Mail Body.pngMithril Chain Mail Body1Coins.png 1,950Coins.png 1,267
Adamantite Chain Mail Body.pngAdamantite Chain Mail Body1Coins.png 4,800Coins.png 3,120

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