Mage Arena Rune Shop

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Mage Arena Rune Shop is located in the deep level 53 Wilderness within the Mage Arena building.

Lundail, the shop owner, is located on the east corner of the cave and there is a bank managed by Gundai just the opposite side.

Mage Arena Rune Shop

Released 22 September 2003 (Update)
Location Mage Arena
Owner Lundail
Type of shop Magic
Members-only? Yes
Quests needed? None
Skills needed? None

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Stock[edit | edit source]

Buying and selling items Close window
Shop stock in green Number you own in blue Your money: 0gp
100 0Air-Rune.png 100 0Water-Rune.png 100 0Earth-Rune.png 100 0Fire-Rune.png 100 0Mind-Rune.png 100 0Body-Rune.png
Select an object to buy or sell

Other Rune Stores[edit | edit source]