Louie's Legs

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Louie's Legs is a shop located in eastern Al Kharid. It is owned by Louie Legs, who buys and sells Plate Mail Legs.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Louie's Legs.png

in stock
sold at
bought at
Bronze Plate Mail Legs.pngBronze Plate Mail Legs5Coins.png 80Coins.png 52
Iron Plate Mail Legs.pngIron Plate Mail Legs3Coins.png 280Coins.png 182
Steel Plate Mail Legs.pngSteel Plate Mail Legs2Coins.png 1,000Coins.png 650
Black Plate Mail Legs.pngBlack Plate Mail Legs1Coins.png 1,920Coins.png 1,248
Mithril Plate Mail Legs.pngMithril Plate Mail Legs1Coins.png 2,600Coins.png 1,690
Adamantite Plate Mail Legs.pngAdamantite Plate Mail Legs1Coins.png 6,400Coins.png 4,160