East Ardougne Adventurers' Store

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East Ardougne General Store
East Ardougne Adventurers' Store.png

Released 30 April 2002 (Update)
Location East Ardougne
Owner Aemad and Kortan
Type of shop General Store
Members-only? Yes
Quests needed? None
Skills needed? None
The location of the General store is indicated by the pot symbol.

The East Ardougne General Store also known as Aemad's Adventuring Supplies is a special type of general store in East Ardougne, north of Ardougne Zoo. The shop is useful for multitasking; it can be beneficial to grab some supplies whenever player goes by or arrives via Ardougne teleport.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Buying and selling items Close window
Shop stock in green Number you own in blue Your money: 0gp
10 0Vial (water).png 2 0Bronze Pickaxe.png 2 0Iron Axe.png 2 0Cookedmeat.png 2 0Tinderbox.png 2 0Ball of wool.png 30 0Bronze Arrows.png 1 0Rope.png
50 0Papyrus.png 10 0Sleeping Bag.png
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