Cassie's Shields

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Cassie's Shields is a shop located west of Falador Park and south-east of the northern gate of the city. It is owned by Cassie, who buys and sells shields.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Cassie's Shields.png

in stock
sold at
bought at
Wooden Shield.pngWooden Shield5Coins.png 20Coins.png 12
Bronze Square Shield.pngBronze Square Shield3Coins.png 48Coins.png 28
Bronze Kite Shield.pngBronze Kite Shield3Coins.png 68Coins.png 40
Iron Square Shield.pngIron Square Shield2Coins.png 168Coins.png 100
Iron Kite Shield.pngIron Kite Shield0Coins.png 238Coins.png 142
Steel Square Shield.pngSteel Square Shield0Coins.png 600Coins.png 360
Steel Kite Shield.pngSteel Kite Shield0Coins.png 850Coins.png 510
Mithril Square Shield.pngMithril Square Shield0Coins.png 1,560Coins.png 936

Other[edit | edit source]

If the player goes upstairs, they will find spawns for cookedmeat, a red cape and a bed.