Fernahei's Fishing Shop

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Fernahei's Fishing Shop is a fishing shop located in Shilo Village deep within the jungle on Karamja. Completion of the Shilo Village quest is needed to access the village and the shop within it.

Stock[edit | edit source]


in stock
sold at
bought at
Fishing Rod.pngFishing Rod5Coins.png 5Coins.png 3
Fly Fishing Rod.pngFly Fishing Rod5Coins.png 5Coins.png 3
Fishing Bait.pngFishing Bait200Coins.png 3Coins.png 2
Feather.pngFeather200Coins.png 2Coins.png 1
Raw Trout.pngRaw Trout0Coins.png 20Coins.png 14
Raw Pike.pngRaw Pike0Coins.png 25Coins.png 17
Raw Salmon.pngRaw Salmon0Coins.png 50Coins.png 35