King Lathas' Weaponry Shop

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King Lathas' Weaponry Shop, or the Combat Training Camp Shop, is a weaponry shop located in the Combat Training Camp. To access the camp, you must complete the Biohazard quest.

Stock[edit | edit source]


in stock
sold at
bought at
Bronze Arrows.pngBronze Arrows200Coins.png 3Coins.png 1
Crossbow bolts.pngCrossbow bolts150Coins.png 4Coins.png 1
Shortbow.pngShortbow4Coins.png 75Coins.png 25
Longbow.pngLongbow2Coins.png 120Coins.png 40
Crossbow.pngCrossbow2Coins.png 105Coins.png 35
Bronze arrow heads.pngbronze arrow heads200Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Iron arrow heads.pngiron arrow heads180Coins.png 4Coins.png 1
Steel arrow heads.pngsteel arrow heads160Coins.png 18Coins.png 6
Mithril arrow heads.pngmithril arrow heads140Coins.png 48Coins.png 16
Iron Axe.pngIron Axe5Coins.png 84Coins.png 28
Steel Axe.pngSteel Axe3Coins.png 300Coins.png 100
Iron battle Axe.pngIron battle Axe5Coins.png 273Coins.png 91
Steel battle Axe.pngSteel battle Axe2Coins.png 975Coins.png 325
Mithril battle Axe.pngMithril battle Axe1Coins.png 2,535Coins.png 845
Bronze 2-handed Sword.pngBronze 2-handed Sword4Coins.png 120Coins.png 40
Iron 2-handed Sword.pngIron 2-handed Sword3Coins.png 420Coins.png 140
Steel 2-handed Sword.pngSteel 2-handed Sword2Coins.png 1,500Coins.png 500
Black 2-handed Sword.pngBlack 2-handed Sword1Coins.png 2,880Coins.png 960
Mithril 2-handed Sword.pngMithril 2-handed Sword1Coins.png 3,900Coins.png 1,300
Adamantite 2-handed Sword.pngAdamantite 2-handed Sword1Coins.png 9,600Coins.png 3,200