Ogre trader General Store

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The Ogre trader General Store is a special general store located in Gu'tanoth. It is ran by the NPC Ogre trader. This General Store is unique in that players can only sell items that are being sold.

Stock[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Pot.pngpot3Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Jug.pngjug2Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Knife.pngKnife2Coins.png 7Coins.png 2
Bucket.pngBucket2Coins.png 2Coins.png 0
Tinderbox.pngtinderbox2Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Chisel.pngchisel2Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Hammer.pnghammer5Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Sleeping Bag.pngSleeping Bag10Coins.png 39Coins.png 12