Peksa's Helmet Shop

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Peksa's Helmet Shop is a shop located in Barbarian Village. It is owned by Peksa, who buys and sells helmets.

Stock[edit | edit source]


in stock
sold at
bought at
Medium Bronze Helmet.pngMedium Bronze Helmet5Coins.png 24Coins.png 14
Medium Iron Helmet.pngMedium Iron Helmet3Coins.png 84Coins.png 50
Medium Steel Helmet.pngMedium Steel Helmet3Coins.png 300Coins.png 180
Medium Mithril Helmet.pngMedium Mithril Helmet1Coins.png 780Coins.png 468
Medium Adamantite Helmet.pngMedium Adamantite Helmet1Coins.png 1,920Coins.png 1,152
Large Bronze Helmet.pngLarge Bronze Helmet4Coins.png 44Coins.png 26
Large Iron Helmet.pngLarge Iron Helmet3Coins.png 154Coins.png 92
Large Steel Helmet.pngLarge Steel Helmet2Coins.png 550Coins.png 330
Large Mithril Helmet.pngLarge Mithril Helmet1Coins.png 1,430Coins.png 858
Large Adamantite Helmet.pngLarge Adamantite Helmet1Coins.png 3,520Coins.png 2,112