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The Champion's Store is a shop located on the upstairs floor of the Champions' Guild, which requires 32 quest points in order to enter. The store is owned and kept by Valaine, who buys and sells various types of equipment. Scavvo also keeps a shop on this floor of the Champions' Guild.

Unusally, it functions as a General Store, and any type of tradable item can be sold to it. The same behaviour was used in the Hero's Guild Shop that Helemos runs.

Stock[edit | edit source]


in stock
sold at
bought at
Cape (blue).pngCape (blue)2Coins.png 41Coins.png 12
Large Black Helmet.pngLarge Black Helmet1Coins.png 1,372Coins.png 422
Black Plate Mail Legs.pngBlack Plate Mail Legs1Coins.png 2,496Coins.png 768
Adamantite Plate Mail Body.pngAdamantite Plate Mail Body1Coins.png 16,640Coins.png 5,120

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