Scavvo's Rune Store

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Scavvo's Rune Store is a shop located upstairs in the Champions' Guild. It is owned by Scavvo, who buys and sells rune equipment.

Stock[edit | edit source]


in stock
sold at
bought at
Rune skirt.pngRune skirt2Coins.png 64,000Coins.png 38,400
Rune Plate Mail Legs.pngRune Plate Mail Legs1Coins.png 64,000Coins.png 38,400
Rune Mace.pngRune Mace1Coins.png 14,400Coins.png 8,640
Rune Chain Mail Body.pngRune Chain Mail Body1Coins.png 50,000Coins.png 30,000
Rune long sword.pngRune long sword1Coins.png 32,000Coins.png 19,200
Rune short sword.pngRune short sword1Coins.png 20,800Coins.png 12,480