Hickton's Archery Store

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Hickton's Archery Store is a shop located in Catherby. It is owned by Hickton, who buys and sells ranged and fletching supplies.

Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

The ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] is where the player will find Hickton. Above the door there is a shop sign hanging. In the middle of the building is a counter. A ladder in the north east corner leads up.

Upper Floor[edit | edit source]

On the upper floor there is a portrait hanging on the eastern wall and an empty chest in the south west corner. In front of the chest there is a vial spawn.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Hickton's Archery Store.png

in stock
sold at
bought at
Crossbow bolts.pngCrossbow bolts200Coins.png 3Coins.png 2
Bronze Arrows.pngBronze Arrows200Coins.png 2Coins.png 1
Iron Arrows.pngIron Arrows200Coins.png 6Coins.png 4
Steel Arrows.pngSteel Arrows0Coins.png 24Coins.png 19
Mithril Arrows.pngMithril Arrows0Coins.png 64Coins.png 51
Adamantite Arrows.pngAdamantite Arrows0Coins.png 160Coins.png 128
Rune Arrows.pngRune Arrows0Coins.png 800Coins.png 640
Bronze arrow heads.pngbronze arrow heads200Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Iron arrow heads.pngiron arrow heads180Coins.png 3Coins.png 2
Steel arrow heads.pngsteel arrow heads160Coins.png 12Coins.png 9
Mithril arrow heads.pngmithril arrow heads140Coins.png 32Coins.png 25
Adamantite arrow heads.pngadamantite arrow heads120Coins.png 80Coins.png 64
Rune arrow heads.pngrune arrow heads100Coins.png 400Coins.png 320
Shortbow.pngShortbow4Coins.png 50Coins.png 40
Longbow.pngLongbow2Coins.png 80Coins.png 64
Crossbow.pngCrossbow2Coins.png 70Coins.png 56
Oak Shortbow.pngOak Shortbow4Coins.png 100Coins.png 80
Oak Longbow.pngOak Longbow4Coins.png 160Coins.png 128

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This store was released before many of the items it modernly sells. Less than one month later, Fletching was released. The only items from the modern shop that also existed on 27 February 2002 are the same ones that are in Lowe's Archery Store.