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The Apothecary is a non-player character who can be found in south-western Varrock. He is a potion maker and is featured during the events of the Romeo and Juliet quest.

Potions[edit | edit source]

The Apothecary is capable of producing several potions for the player:

Regular strength potion[edit | edit source]

Players can obtain a special four-dose regular strength potion by bringing him red spiders eggs and a limpwurt root. This is the only way to create a useful potion which changes stats, on a free-to-play RuneScape Classic.

Romeo and Juliet quest[edit | edit source]

He plays a central part in the Romeo and Juliet quest as the producer of the Cadava potion.

Undrinkable potion[edit | edit source]

He can also be randomly persuaded into giving players a (completely useless) potion for spots, which is otherwise only acquired by killing Imps as a somewhat rare drop.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]