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General shop icon.png A General Store is a shop that is found in the main cities, as well as smaller settlements, throughout RuneScape Classic. General stores are often ran by a Shopkeeper and their assistants; they sell basic supplies, and will buy any tradeable item from players for a low price. The lowest price general store will buy items is 25% of its Low level alchemy price. Stores will keep each item sold by a player that they don't usually have for 200 game ticks, which is about 128 seconds.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Typical General Store stock.
in stock
sold at
bought at
Pot.pngpot3Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Jug.pngjug2Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Shears.pngshears2Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Bucket.pngBucket2Coins.png 2Coins.png 0
Tinderbox.pngtinderbox2Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Chisel.pngchisel2Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Hammer.pnghammer5Coins.png 1Coins.png 0
Sleeping Bag.pngSleeping Bag10Coins.png 39Coins.png 12

Locations[edit | edit source]

Store name Location Shopkeeper/assistant name(s)
Al Kharid General Store Al Kharid Shopkeeper (Al Kharid)
Shop Assistant (Al Kharid)
Arhein's General Store Catherby Arhein
Dwarven Mine General Store Dwarven Mine Dwarven shopkeeper
East Ardougne Adventurers' Store East Ardougne Aemad
Edgeville General Store Edgeville Shopkeeper (Edgeville)
Shop Assistant (Edgeville)
Falador General Store Falador Shopkeeper (Falador)
Shop Assistant (Falador)
Ogre trader General Store Gu'tanoth Ogre trader (metals)
Legends' Guild General Store Legends' Guild Fionella
Karamja General Store Musa Point Shopkeeper (Karamja)
Shop Assistant (Karamja)
Tai Bwo Wannai General Store Tai Bwo Wannai Jiminua
Lumbridge General Store Lumbridge Shopkeeper (Lumbridge)
Shop Assistant (Lumbridge)
Fishing Trawler General Store Port Khazard Shopkeeper (Port Khazard)
Rimmington General Store Rimmington Shopkeeper (Rimmington)
Shop Assistant (Rimmington)
Shilo Village General Store Shilo Village Obli
Tree Gnome Village General Store Tree Gnome Village Bolkoy
Varrock General Store Varrock Shopkeeper (Varrock)
Shop Assistant (Varrock)
West Ardougne General Store West Ardougne Chadwell
Bandit Camp General Store Bandit Camp in the Wilderness Noterazzo
Zanaris General Store Zanaris Fairy Shopkeeper
Fairy Shop Assistant