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A Crossbow is a ranged weapon that can be used at any level. It can fire both Crossbow bolts and Pearl bolts. It cannot be made using the Fletching skill. A Crossbow can be purchased at some archery stores and can be found at a spawn in Wilderness and Underground Pass graveyards. In RuneScape Classic there are only two types of crossbow, this and the Phoenix crossbow.

Store locations[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Lowe's Archery StoreEastern Varrock2Coins.png 70Coins.png 38Free-to-play icon.png
Gulluck and SonsThe Grand Tree2Coins.png 70Coins.png 17Member icon.png
Hickton's Archery StoreCatherby2Coins.png 70Coins.png 56Member icon.png
King Lathas' Weaponry ShopCombat Training Camp2Coins.png 105Coins.png 35Member icon.png

Dropped by[edit | edit source]

Hobgoblin32; 481Rare (~1/128)
Target practice zombie241Uncommon (~2/128)
Zombie19; 24; 321Uncommon (~2/128)

Item spawns[edit | edit source]