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A Rune Spear is a spear that can be obtained as a drop from various monsters. It is the strongest spear in RuneScape Classic, requiring level 35 Ranged and level 40 Attack to equip.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Price[edit | edit source]

Around 2009-2010, some players thought of the rune spear as a valuable item due to there having been a very low number of players fighting monsters which drop them. After many players left Classic for considerable lengths of time, the rarity of the Rune Spear and lack of new stock coming onto the market had inflated in price. The remaining community thus gave it a rough price of around 10 million coins.

As of 2017, many more players are fighting high level monsters, but the rune spear is still not a commonly traded item. Sometimes offers can go as high as 1 million coins, but due to low demand, the perceived value of a rune spear is not high.

Dropped by[edit | edit source]

Bandit291Extremely rare
Barbarian161Extremely rare
Black Demon156; 1751Extremely rare
Black Dragon2001Extremely rare
Black Heather391Extremely rare
Black Knight461Extremely rare
Blue Dragon1051Extremely rare
Chaos Druid warrior441Extremely rare
Chaos Druid191Extremely rare
Chaos Dwarf591Extremely rare
Donny the lad391Extremely rare
Dwarf181Extremely rare
Earth warrior521Extremely rare
Fire Giant1091Extremely rare
Giant371Extremely rare
Greater Demon871Extremely rare
Gunthor the Brave371Extremely rare
Hobgoblin32; 481Extremely rare
Ice Giant681Extremely rare
Ice queen1031Extremely rare
Ice warrior571Extremely rare
Jailer511Extremely rare
Jogre581Extremely rare
King Black Dragon2451Extremely rare
Lesser Demon791Extremely rare
Lord Darquarius761Extremely rare
Moss Giant621Extremely rare
Mountain Dwarf18; 281Extremely rare
Otherworldly being661Extremely rare
Paladin711Extremely rare
Pirate27; 301Extremely rare
Rare drop table1Extremely rare
Red Dragon1401Extremely rare
Renegade knight511Extremely rare
Salarin the twisted691Extremely rare
Shadow Warrior641Extremely rare
Skeleton21; 25; 31; 541Extremely rare
Speedy Keith391Extremely rare
Thug181Extremely rare
Tribesman391Extremely rare
White Knight561Extremely rare
Zombie19; 24; 321Extremely rare

Products[edit | edit source]

Poisoned Rune Spear.png Poisoned Rune Spear
  • None