Poisoned Rune Spear

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A Poisoned Rune Spear is a poisonous spear which can be made by using weapon poison on a Rune Spear. It is the strongest spear in RuneScape Classic. It can be thrown or used while in melee combat. They are a one-handed weapon.

Oversight[edit | edit source]

Due to an oversight the poisoned rune spear has no skill requirements to wield, which may otherwise be considered a glitch. The non-poisoned version requires 40 Attack and 35 Ranged to wield.

Use in Staking and PKing[edit | edit source]

The lack of skill requirements needed to wield it creates a loophole for characters with differing stats to wield the poisoned rune spear, which with certain build may be the best weapon available.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Creation[edit | edit source]

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