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High level alchemy is spell that becomes available at level 55 magic. High level alchemy converts an item into more coins than Low level alchemy would.

High level alchemy requires one Nature-Rune and 5 Fire-Runes to cast and for this reason it is recommended that players wield a Fire staff so it only costs the player one Nature-rune.

  • Attempting to cast High level alchemy on a reachable or unreachable ground object will cause the following message to be displayed: You must be holding the object to use this spell
  • Attempting to cash High level alchemy on an unreachable ground item will produce no message.
  • Attempting to cast High level alchemy on Ana in a Barrel only gives the experience associated to the spell and keeps the item. Also Ana tells the player to not cast spells on her. (see Ana's dialogue)

Coins gained from casting High Alchemy[edit | edit source]

The coins received from casting the high alchemy spell on an item is given by multiplying the general store sell price by 1.5. If the result from multiplying the general store selling price by 1.5 recurring results in a fraction, the high alchemy price will be rounded up to the next integer (whole number).

For example, a general store will buy a player's Steel Plate Mail Legs for 400 coins and so casting high alchemy on the steel legs will reward the player with 600 coins (400 * 1.5).

Casting a single alchemy spell on stackable items such as certificates, runes, or arrows will consume the entire stack and produce coins for every item in the stack. This can be a dangerous feature, so be careful when casting alchemy spells that you do not accidentally click on any stackable item you wish to keep.

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