Kardia the Witch

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Kardia the Witch is a non-player character encountered in the Underground pass quest. She has a doll of Iban, which must be stolen by distracting her with her cat.

In the chest with doll of Iban is also her journal, detailing much of the lore of Iban.

Background[edit | edit source]

Her journal describes how she raised the once dead warrior Iban from death. Using a doll made in his likeness and the blood of a Giant Spider she had killed inside of a cavern, she performed the "ancient Ritual of Incantia" which was an undertaking that nearly killed her. Successfully completing the ritual summoned the three demons Doomion, Othainian, and Holthion. She intended for these spirits to be the keeper of "Ibans shadow", and to follow his body and protect him from ultimate death. The witch then strangled a dove to further symbolize the dark path Iban had chose for himself in life. After crumbling the doves bones onto the doll she had created earlier, her ritual was complete. The witch took respite in her accomplishments, knowing she had resurrected the body and mind belonging to "the legendary Iban, the most powerful evil being to take human form."

See Old Journal for the actual text from Kardia's journal.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]