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For information on training this skill, see Prayer training.

Prayer is a skill in RuneScape Classic where the player turns on "prayers" to aid them in combat. In the very early days of RuneScape Classic, Prayer was divided into 2 parts: PrayGood and PrayEvil, both lacking prayers. The two skills were merged into "prayer" in 10 May 2001 and the experience from the type of prayer with the highest experience was kept. The skill with the lower amount of experience was discarded. Former spells on the GoodMagic and EvilMagic spellbooks which had constant use on the player or the target, such as Burst of strength, were placed under "prayer" and new ones incorporated on 24 May 2001.

Prayer is a part of combat, by increasing attack, defense, and strength temporarily. It is also factored into your combat level.

It is one of the hardest skills to train because of small experience that bones give. Prayer accompanies combat by increasing Attack, Defense, and Strength temporarily.

To train prayer, you must bury bones. Simply pick up the bones dropped by a monster and click on the bones in your inventory to bury them. They will disappear from your inventory and you will gain Prayer experience depending on the type of bone that you buried.

Bones[edit | edit source]

Image Bone Experience Fatigue SU (%)
Bones.png Bones 3.75 60 (0.08%)
Bat bones.png Bat bones 4.5 72 (0.096%)
Big Bones.png Big bones 12.5 200 (0.266%)
Dragon Bones.png Dragon bones 60 960 (1.28%)

Prayers[edit | edit source]

Prayer Level Effect Drain Rate
Thick skin 1 Increases defense by 5% 15
Burst of strength 4 Increases strength by 5% 15
Clarity of thought 7 Increases attack by 5% 15
Rock skin 10 Increases defense by 10% 30
Superhuman strength 13 Increases strength by 10% 30
Improved reflexes 16 Increases attack by 10% 30
Rapid restore 19 Restore all stats 2x as fast as normal 5
Rapid heal 22 Hits restore 2x as fast as normal 10
Protect item 25 Allows one more item to be kept on death 10
Steel skin 28 Increases defense by 15% 60
Ultimate strength 31 Increases strength by 15% 60
Incredible Reflexes 34 Increases attack by 15% 60
Paralyze Monster 37 Stops the monster you are fighting from attacking you, doesn't work on players 60
Protect from missiles 40 Protects from all ranged attacks, works on players 60

Unreleased[edit | edit source]

Prayer Level Effect Drain Rate
Invisibility 40 Allows the player to hide from monsters and other players 10

Recharging Prayer Points[edit | edit source]

There are three main ways to recharge prayer points: by praying at an altar, drinking Restore prayer potion or by dying. Players will also receive one prayer point upon levelling up Prayer skill.

Praying at an altar or dying will recharge all prayer points and praying at the Monastery altar will even give +2 bonus.

Prayer restore potions increase prayer by (Level * 0.25 + 7) points. To get the maximum Restore prayer potion effect of 31, player would need level 96 Prayer.

Prayer Equipment[edit | edit source]

Some equipment help in conserving the player's prayer points, by reducing the prayer drain rate. These items include:

Amulets[edit | edit source]

Image Name Prayer bonus Where to obtain
Holy Symbol of saradomin.png Holy Symbol of saradomin 8 Crafted from Silver bar
Unholy Symbol of Zamorak.png Unholy Symbol of Zamorak 6 Crafted from Silver bar
Dragonstone Amulet.png (Charged) Dragonstone Amulet 3 Crafting (see Jewellery)

Tops[edit | edit source]

Image Name Prayer bonus Where to obtain
Monks robe (top).png Monks robe 6 Monastery
Druids robe (top).png Druids robe 4 Druids
Priest robe.png Priest robe 3 The Clothes Shop
Robe of Zamorak (top).png Robe of Zamorak 3 Iban Disciples, Necromancers

Bottoms[edit | edit source]

Image Name Prayer bonus Where to obtain
Monks robe (bottom).png Monks robe 5 Monastery
Druids robe (bottom).png Druids robe 4 Druids
Priest gown.png Priest gown 3 Thessalia's Fine Clothes
Robe of Zamorak (bottom).png Robe of Zamorak 3 Iban Disciples, Necromancers

Quest equipment[edit | edit source]

Image Name Prayer bonus Where to obtain
Doctors gown.png Doctors gown 4 Nurse sarah's house
Amulet of Doomion.png Amulet of Doomion 3 Killing Doomion
Amulet of Holthion.png Amulet of Holthion 3 Killing Holthion
Amulet of Othainian.png Amulet of Othainian 3 Killing Othainian
Beads of the dead.png Beads of the dead 1 Player made, see article

See also: Maximum Bonuses in RuneScape Classic

Training[edit | edit source]

Killing[edit | edit source]

A good way to train prayer is to kill monsters, pick up their bones and bury them.

Good monsters for regular bones It is advised that you kill monsters you can easily one-hit for fast bones.

Good monsters for big bones

Good monsters for dragon bones

Bat Bones are not suggested. They give 4.5 experience per bone instead of 3.75 (regular bones) but it is not worth it unless you're training on bats.

Buying[edit | edit source]

Another popular alternative is to buy dragon bone certificates from other people, uncert them and then bury them.

Quest Experience Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • The Holy Grail -
  • The Restless Ghost -

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Paralyze Monster was not added from the move to the RuneScape 2. Instead, it was renamed "Protect from Melee" which still nullifies damage, but the monster can still attack. Exceptions are if the attack is "Magical melee" and if the player is fighting another player, then the Prayer merely increases Defense.
  • When first introduced, Prayer was 2 skills, PrayGood and PrayEvil, that were merged later on.
    • Players kept the highest of the two prayer skills and not the sum of experience.
  • On 26 May 2001 prayers were made to last 50% longer.
  • Before the magic update that gave the prayer book, the prayer stat had no use.
  • No player was able to achieve 99 Prayer before the introduction of Runescape 2 which then officially became the main version of the game. Therefore, it is not known who the first player to achieve 99 Prayer on Runescape Classic is.
    • However, getting past 10M in the skill Lilyuffie88 was the first one to go so far whilst RSC was the main game.

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