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Strange barrels are found in the Kharazi Jungle dungeon during or after the Legend's Quest, and can be smashed to reveal a random monster or item, or both.

Getting There[edit | edit source]

To reach the area containing the strange barrels, one must have started the Legend's Quest and passed through the dark metal gate in the dungeon. A hatchet and Machette are needed to enter the Kharazi Jungle, which must be trekked through in order to reach the dungeon, which can be found in the north-west portion of the jungle. A pickaxe, Lockpick, Unpowered orb, and runes for any enchant orb spell are also needed. For explicit directions about how to reach this area, please refer to the Legend's Quest page.

Smashing the barrels[edit | edit source]

By selecting the 'smash' option on a strange barrel, one or more of the following can occur:

  • The player could be attacked by a random monster
  • A random item could appear on the ground
  • The player could be unable to smash the barrel
    • "You were unable to smash this barrel open."
  • The barrel could explode, resulting in a random amount of damage from 0-19 (possibly dependent upon hits level)
    • "You smash the barrel open.
    • The barrel explodes...
    • take some damage..."
  • The barrel could explode, resulting in no damage
    • "The barrel explodes...
    • But you take no damage..."
  • The barrel could have nothing in it
  • The barrel could be hit at the wrong angle, decreasing attack by 1-3
    • "You were unable to smash this barrel open.
    • You hit the barrel at the wrong angle.
    • You're heavily jarred from the vibrations of the blow.
    • Your attack is reduced by X."

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