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Scatched[sic] notes are an item obtained during Legend's Quest by searching the Crude Bed in Legends caverns. They were written by Ungadulu the Shaman.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The scatched notes give brief details about the Shamans 4th and 5th day within the Legends caverns, now finally succumbed to the feeling of being possesed by an evil spirit, an experience which he describes within the scrawled notes.

  • The entry for day 4 is simply the Shaman writing about how the days come and go so rapidly, and that he no longer has any idea how long he has been within the caverns.
  • The entry for day 5 is a riddle containing a hint for the player, which is used in eventually freeing Ungadulu. It speaks of being freed by magic that does not harm.

The scatched notes are preceded by the scrawled notes, which in turn are preceded by the scribbled notes.

Transcript[edit | edit source]