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A Spinach roll is a piece of food that can be obtained by using a Crystal key on a chest in Taverley, by killing Moss giants, by speaking to Traiborn the wizard during Demon Slayer, or by smashing Strange Barrels. When eaten, the player is healed 2 Hits.

Dropped by[edit | edit source]

Christmas cracker1Common (~16/128)
Crystal chest1Common (~34/128)
Moss Giant621Rare (~1/128)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Spinach roll gave a +5 Strength bonus[1][2][3][4] prior to an unannounced update that removed the bonus some time prior to December 2001.[5]
  • It is likely possible that the Spinach roll had a bug that enabled players to continuously gain strength bonus, similar to Beer prior to 25 January 2001 (Update). One player reported being able to reach +17 strength bonus with 2 spinach rolls stacked on top of a strength potion[6] and another mistakenly believed that the bonus may have been permanent, a misconception that could occur if they noticed that the bonus stacked on top of itself.[7] This, in combination with the fact that Herblaw was being worked on which would expand players' ability to obtain a strength bonus, would explain why the +5 strength bonus was removed from the spinach roll.
  • Spinach rolls used to be a popular scam item, with some players selling them for inflated prices, incorrectly advertising them as "rare". In RuneScape 2, on 20 November 2007, they were made untradeable, but this change never was made for Classic.

References[edit | edit source]