Ancient Lava Furnace

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Ancient Lava Furnace is a piece of scenery in the lower depths of Legends caverns. A hunk of crystal, a lump of crystal and a chunk of crystal are used on the furnace during Legend's Quest. Moulding them into a red crystal requires level 50 Crafting.

Using all three pieces on the furnace produces the red crystal.

Messages[edit | edit source]

When looked at:

This is an ancient looking furnace.

When searched, the quest chat will notify:

You search the lava furnace.
You find a small compartment that you may be able to use.
Strangely, it looks as if it is designed for a specific purpose...
to fuse things together at very high temperatures...

When a crystal piece is used on the furnace:

You carefully place the piece of crystal into
a specially shaped compartment in the furnace.
The compartment in the furnace isn't full yet.
It looks like you need more pieces of crystal.

On the final crystal piece:

You place the final segment of the crystal together into the
strangely shaped compartment, all the pieces seem to fit...
You use your crafting skill to control the furnace.
The heat in the furnace slowly rises and soon fuses the parts together...
As soon as the item cools, you pick it up...
As the crystal touches your hands a voice inside of your head says...
Voice in head: Bring life to the dragons eye.